There’s A Right Way And No Other Way

Compliance is key to any successful import program. And DJS has the expertise to guide you through it. Regulations such as Informed Compliance and Reasonable Care are just the tip of the iceberg for importers, making this an area that you cannot afford to ignore.  From a simple review of how a single product is marked, to a complete tariff classification review of all your imported commodities, when you have compliance questions, DJS has the answers.

Consultative Services

While opinions may vary on classification between U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the public, it is vital that importers exercise Reasonable Care in the classification of goods. At DJS, licensed brokers with decades of experience handle Harmonized Tariff Classification of products, which assures products are entered properly with correct duties and declarations. Furthermore, through product line review, we can develop database management tools for SKU-level tariff compliance.

DJS trade consultation services also include addressing valuation issues with importers. Many factors go into determining the value of goods, such as assists, buying commissions, etc. And failure to properly declare a value may result in significant penalties from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Compliance Audit Services

An uptick in formal CBP audits, from the so-called “Why Me?” Audits to full Focused Assessments, has left many importers feeling vulnerable.  It can be alarming to receive notice of an audit from CBP, and you want a partner you can count on to help guide you through it.  Better still, shore up your regulatory compliance BEFORE an audit by partnering with DJS.  We have assisted many of our clients with the development of comprehensive compliance programs tailored specifically around their own operations, as well as guiding clients through annual self-audit or pre-audit reviews, or even actual CBP audits.

And even though compliance may sound less-than-fun, importers are often pleased to learn that issues discovered in a review may actually end up in their favor.  DJS has experience in helping importers prepare Binding Rulings and Protests – sometimes as a direct result of a compliance review – where we are often able to deliver immediate and windfall savings that our clients were never even aware of the potential for.

Binding Rulings and Protests

If you import products that do not clearly fall within any given tariff classification, let DJS help you secure a binding ruling from CBP for a definitive determination. Securing this in advance can protect the importer against future disputes by locking in a specific tariff classification and duty rate, or resolving other questions such as those related to marking or valuation.

If you disagree with a decision made by CBP related to already-liquidated entries, a Protest provides the legal means to contest the decision.  Filing a formal Protest is a tedious and daunting task for most importers.  DJS has proven experience in filing successful Protests for our clients.