You Import, We Navigate

Importers face a highly regulated environment, with the potential for extensive legal impact. As your expert customs broker, DJS carefully guides you through this often complex maze. We are your trusted partner and gain intimate knowledge of your products and importing processes, helping you maintain a smooth, efficient importing operation.

Trusted Trade Advocate

DJS is well known for being a strong advocate for the trade community, particularly for small to mid-size importers. We successfully move commerce by working closely with regulating agencies, primarily Customs and Border Protection. Our leadership has significant involvement with NCBFAA, allowing us an even greater advocacy position on a national level. We are committed to staying at the forefront of critical trade issues, representing the needs and concerns of the importing community.

Customs Surety Bonds

Customs requires a bond on every commercial import.  If you need assistance with securing competitive bond rates and bond application, DJS is here to help. Through our automated bond filing system, we stay apprised of your current import volumes, ensuring that your bond is kept at adequate levels, as required by Customs and Border Protection. Talk with a DJS representative to learn more.

Customs Document Retention & Access to Current Status of Entry

For your convenience, DJS offers a tracking site, which allows you to monitor basic shipment information. This includes customs clearance status, entry details, and billing information. Additionally, it gives you access to all of your shipping documents (commercial invoice, packing list, etc.).

Post Entry Services

Let’s say a clerical error or discrepancy is discovered in your shipping documents after your shipment is released. This may require a Post Entry Amendment to be prepared and submitted to CBP. No problem. Other instances may call for the filing of a formal Protest, and still others may necessitate the more complicated and serious action of filing a Prior Disclosure with CBP. DJS will help you determine if there is a need for any action and submit the proper documentation to CBP within the legal time limits. After all, well-constructed post-entry actions increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Importer Security Filing

ISF is a post-9/11 regulation that requires importers to file certain data elements with CBP in advance of the shipment loading in the foreign port.  DJS keeps you compliant to avoid costly Customs penalties & cargo delays with a structured solution.

Household Goods

DJS belongs to the International Association of Movers (formerly the Household Goods and Forwarders Association of America) and regularly coordinates customs clearances for international moving companies handling personal effects and household goods. DJS also offers regional delivery services.

Compliance & Consultative Services